ACCPAC’s State Giving Challenge

TO: Members, Georgia Chapter of the ACC

As you may be aware, there is a national initiative underway to raise awareness and solicit donations for the ACCPAC. Nationally, the ACC is attempting to raise as much as we can between the Kentucky Derby and the Indy 500 road race.

We thought a Georgia “$50 to the 500” campaign could get Georgia way ahead of the national giving average. We already lead the country in dollars, but not in percentage participation. This is a nominal amount of money so we expect to get 100% involvement. To donate, simply click on this link: and follow the instructions. The minimum is $50 but any amount can be donated.

Your PAC is the only voice we have on Capitol Hill and has been tirelessly protecting the rights of your patients, and your practice of medicine.

We look forward to seeing you either at our annual meeting at the Ritz at Lake Oconee November 16-18!

Thank you in advance for your contribution.

Charles Brown, MD, FACC, President

The ACCPAC Race to Indy 500 State Giving Challenge is off to a great start having raised more than $10,000 in the first week. With two weeks remaining in the challenge, there are plenty of opportunities for states to step up to the advocacy plate and win the challenge in any of the categories. Please join your fellow ACC members in supporting GA by participating in the ACCPAC fundraising challenge NOW through Sunday, May 27.

As a reminder, winning states in the following categories will be recognized in future ACCPAC publications and at ACC’s 2018 Legislative Conference: Most Dollars Raised; Most New Contributors; Highest Average Contribution; Highest Participation Rate.

We are providing a daily count until Memorial Day as part of our National competition for ACC PAC contributions.

To date we have 9 out of 1039 Members contributing to the PAC for a total of $1,928.00.