TAVR Decision Aid Tools Now Available

The ACC’s CardioSmart Decision Aids hub recently expanded to include two new TAVR Decision Aid Tools that help patients understand what aortic stenosis (AS) is and what treatments are available. The first tool guides patients with intermediate or high surgical risk through the treatment options available for severe AS and helps them choose between TAVR and surgery. The second tool is dedicated to patients with prohibitive surgical risk/inoperable to help them evaluate the proper treatment and choose between TAVR and symptoms management. Visit CardioSmart.org/Decisions to find out more and download these tools for free.

Help Solve Prior Authorization Challenges

November is here and that means it’s time to submit your prior authorization data via ACC’s web-based prior authorization tool (PARTool). Do your PART to improve the prior authorization process by recording incorrectly denied or difficult requests through ACC’s PARTool for the entire month. The data collected helps the College determine overall prior authorization and test substitution trends and better understand problematic areas of the process including time burdens, test substitution and peer-to-peer reviews. The observed trends will be shared with insurers, vendors, state legislators and insurance officials to engage them in ACC’s efforts to reduce the burden of prior authorization and return attention to direct patient interaction. Practices can submit through a simple online form at ACC.org/PARTool.

To be successful on a larger scale to solve prior authorization challenges – we must all work together to find a solution that ultimately saves time, saves money, and—most importantly—saves lives. So please help and do your PART!

Meet Your Leadership Team

The following will serve our Chapter beginning January 1, 2018 (those in bold were elected this year):


President:  Charles Brown, MD FACC
Governor-Elect:   Jeff Marshall, MD, FACC
Secretary-Treasurer:  Arthur Reitman, MD, FACC
  • Marcus Brown, MD, FACC
  • Robert Campbell, MD, FACC
  • Cyrus Samai, MD, FACC
  • Gina Lundberg, MD, FACC
  • Joseph Miller, MD, FACC
  • Jennifer Yeh, MD, FACC
  • Mark Watkins, MD, FACC
  • Joseph Poku, MD, FACC
  • Prad Tummala, MD, FACC
  • Charles Jackson, MD, FACC
  • Barry Mangel, MD, FACC
  • Gordon Borgat, MD, FACC
  • Pascha Schafer, MD, FACC
  • Matthew Crim, MD
  • Tanveer Rab, MD, FACC
  • Vincent Robinson, MD, FACC
  • Andrew Kobylivker, MD, FACC
  • William Crosland, MD (FIT)
  • Abdullah Omar, MD (FIT)
  • Emily Taylor, ANP-BC (CVT Member)


Dr. Bo Walpole Elected ACC Treasurer

Gainesville cardiologist Dr. Howard (Bo) Walpole was elected to serve as Treasurer of the Board of Trustees from 2018-21. Bo follows Atlanta surgeon Dr. Robert Guyton who will be finishing his three year term this year.

Interestingly, Gainesville native Dr. Michael Valentine, who now practices in Virginia, will serve as ACC President in 2018-19.

Thanks to Dr. Guyton for his service and congratulations to Dr. Walpole on his election. Our Chapter is well-represented at the National level.

GAACC Members Attend ACC Cardiovascular Summit & Leadership Forum

2017 Leadership Forum

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Join and Contribute to ACCPAC

Message from the ACC President:

Dear Georgia ACC Members,

Charles Brown, III, M.D., FACC

Charles Brown, III,

Amid the noise and disruption of this extraordinarily bizarre Presidential election, there lurks in the background the implementation of MACRA. Our patients and our profession need your help and your involvement.

For over a decade, the ACC and our political action committee, ACCPAC, were instrumental in successfully advocating for repeal of the sustainable growth rate (SGR), the flawed formula by which clinicians were paid by Medicare.

Our need for action has not ended with the repeal of the SGR. Its replacement, the Medicare Access and CHIP Reauthorization Act (MACRA), begins to take effect in January, 2017 and will overhaul how we practice and how we are paid. It is imperative that we work closely with Congress to exercise strong oversight as this extremely complex new law is implemented.

While ACC supports MACRA in principal, the devil is in the details, and the details are in flux.

In order to have our voice heard by those congressional leaders who have oversight of this law, we need strong grassroots support powered by contributions to ACCPAC.

Without a strong voice and a well-funded ACCPAC, we surrender control of our patient care, our quality matrices, and our profession to those who do not have our best interests and those of our patients in mind.

What does this mean?

Your contributions in the past have helped Georgia’s cardiovascular voice be heard and advanced the effectiveness of ACC’s advocacy efforts. This year, our state is at the low end of contributors to ACCPAC – and we cannot afford to fall behind.

Help ensure that ACC has the resources to shape our future effectively.

Please click here to join us and contribute to ACCPAC.

Thank you,

Charles Brown, III, MD, FACC