Join the ACCPAC State Giving Challenge!

Finish Strong for ACCPAC Challenge

In the last week we didn’t make much of a dent in the ACCPAC Challenge! We’ve fallen behind in the race. Only 3 members have donated to the ACCPAC. We can do better than this. Make your donation today! It’s important!

Jeff Marshall, MD, FACC
Council Governor


Dear Colleagues,

The ACCPAC State Giving Challenge starts today and will conclude on Sunday, May 26 at 11:59 pm EDT. I personally invite you to join this exciting event. ACCPAC is the non-partisan political voice of the College, formed by members, for members. Recognition will be awarded to each state for its fundraising efforts during the challenge in the following categories:

  • most dollars raised
  • most contributors
  • highest average dollars contributed
  • highest participation rate
  • best all-around

These states will go down in ACCPAC history and receive special recognition at the ACC’s Legislative Conference and in ACCPAC publications throughout the year. All ACC members, including those who have already given this year, are encouraged to contribute May 3 – May 26.

Contributing is EASY:

    1. Go to the ACCPAC website:
    2. Sign in with your credentials
    3. Click on the Contribute button
    4. Donate
    5. Encourage colleagues in Georgia to follow your advocacy lead!

Whether this is your first time giving to ACCPAC or you have already contributed this year, please give now in support of this challenge. Your contribution will help Georgia come out on top and AMPLIFY the voice of ACC.


Pascha E. Schafer, MD, FACC
Advocacy Chair
Georgia Chapter of the American College of Cardiology