CV Team

CV Team State Liaison Reorganization:

The College added more than 1,000 new CV Team members in 2017—a testament to the great work being done locally by the state liaisons, with strong support from the Chapter Executives and Governors. In order to ensure the continued and improve efficacy and efficiency of our outreach efforts, the decision was made to organize the State Liaisons Committee into regional groups. This regional reorganization will encourage greater knowledge and strategy sharing on a more locally relevant level, and should also make it easier for the liaisons to participate in communications that are more intimate and focused than the previous approach – large, monthly calls. It is important to note that this re-organization does not change the role of the CV Team State Liaisons.
A slide deck providing more details regarding this change may be found here. 

Online Membership Application:

In early January, the online membership application (OMA) went live. It marks a turning point in our efforts to recruit new members to the College. No longer must individuals print out, fill in, scan and email back a paper application; they can join the College by completing one simple online form. To this end, rather than providing individuals interested in membership with printed applications, we ask that you encourage them to visit, where they’ll be able to select their professional type, learn more about the benefits and apply for membership online. A flyer has been developed to support local recruitment efforts and points prospective members to the online application.  A copy of the flyer is available here.

CV Team Chapter Discount:

The ACC has long offered nonmember Cardiovascular Team professionals a 40% discount off their first year’s dues if they join after attending a chapter meeting. We’re happy to confirm that this promotion continues with the OMA. CV Team nonmember attendees of a chapter meeting can use the discount code CVTChapter when completing their online application to receive the 40% discount. More information is available at

CV Team and AACC Requirements:

The last couple of years have seen some changes to the requirements for both CV Team and AACC membership (e.g., CV Team applicants no longer need a letter of recommendation). If you’d like to make sure that your chapter website includes the latest requirements, you can click here for verbiage you can copy and paste.

Chapter Membership Instructions:

Similarly, you can find instructions that can be posted to your webpage on how new CV Team members can join their state chapter here.

CV Team Section Website: 

The CV Team Section launched a new website in January 2018.  This new website provides a wealth of information for the team that you may also want to re-purpose for your website.  Feel free to point your local members to the site at – for the latest information from ACC National and for opportunities to get involved.