Digital Resources

ACC offers several platforms to access resources, the JACC Journal and archived webinars

ACC’s Official Social Media Policy and Hashtag Guide
ACC has released its official social media policy on – along with a handy guide to ACC’s official hashtags. Access both here.

Get Easy Access to JACC Content on Your Phone or Tablet Via the JACC Journals App
Use the JACC Journals App to access the latest research and clinical practice updates from the top-ranked family of JACC Journals. This single app puts all of your favorite content at your fingertips – and is accessible across all iOS and Android devices. The app lets you browse new issues, link to featured articles, and interact with figures, tables and multimedia content. The “My Reading List” feature allows you to save articles for offline reading; share via social media; email useful content; and much more! Download the app from the iTunes App Store or get it on Google Play today.

Stay in Touch With the ACC Via Social Media
Stay in touch with the ACC and the latest clinical and advocacy news through ACCinTouch. ACCinTouch connects ACC members and those interested in cardiovascular news through popular social networking channels like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and YouTube. Join each of these networks to connect with ACC members and those interested in cardiology. In addition to the ACC’s main Twitter profile @ACCinTouch, the College also has a channel dedicated to advocacy and quality-related news (@Cardiology), CardioSmart, ACC’s patient education and support program, also has patient-centered cardiovascular news available through Twitter (@CardioSmart). For more information about ACC’s social media channels, visit

GA Chapter has the most active Twitter account in the ACC thanks to Social Media Chair, Dr. Gina Lundberg. You can follow us on twitter at @ACC_Georgia. If you’d like to be the incoming 2020 Social Media Chair, please reach Dr. Lundberg at

ACC Archived Webinars
Did you know that you can find archived webinars from throughout the years from the ACC on As a member, you have access to this wealth of information at Questions? Contact ACC Member Care at Phone: 202-375-6000, ext. 5603 or 800-253-4636, ext. 5603 or